Sitting With Your Legs Crossed? You Have To Stop It!

Sitting with the legs crossed is one of the most common position people adopt. This position is sexy and elegant, and it is often associated with being “feminine”. Even if we are doing it without even thinking about it, it is an unhealthy position.

crossed legs

Unfortunately, this attractive posture is not a good one for your health if you spend too much time sitting like this.

  • Sitting to much in a particular posture can lead to a condition called peroneal nerve paralysis. This also happens when you sit too much in every position, but the cross-legged position is the most dangerous.
  • Many studies showed that sitting with your legs crossed for a long time increases the blood pressure in your body. Avoid sitting like this even if you still don’t have any problems with your blood pressure.


When you put one knee over the other, it sends blood from the legs up to the chest. A larger quantity of blood is pumped out of the heart, which in turn increases your blood pressure.

  • This position also leads to pelvic imbalance. Staying too long with your legs crossed eventually makes the inner thigh muscle shorter and the outer thigh muscle longer, and puts your joints at risk of moving out of place.
  • This habit increases your chances of developing ’spider veins’. When your legs are crossed, the pressure on your veins increases and impedes your blood flow, causing the vessels to narrow and weaken and allowing the back flow of blood. This can cause pooling of blood in the legs and make your veins swell.
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