Stop Bleeding in 10 Seconds with This Common Spice!


People who have small children, often find themselves in a situation to find a way and stop the bleeding of their cuts as soon as possible.


One of the most effective methods to stop the bleeding of an open wound is a cayenne pepper. It is also good for deep cuts.

Here is an explanation of its efficiency:

In most cases, cayenne pepper stops bleeding in less than a minute. But how is this possible? Cayenne pepper reacts with the body to equalize the blood pressure, so an extra gushing of pressure will not be concentrated in the wound area. It is very simple technique: the pressure is equalized, bleeding stops.

Cayenne pepper regulates blood pressure and supports blood clotting. It can be taken orally or applied topically. But, don’t forget to visit a specialist in the case of serious cuts.

Dr. John Christopher, the author of the book School of Natural Healing, explains the way you can use cayenne pepper orally. He says that if you drink a glass of extra-warm water with a teaspoonful of cayenne, the bleeding will stop in ten seconds. When the pressure is equalized, and the clotting becomes faster. It doesn’t matter whether the bleeding is external or internal, a glass of hot water and a teaspoon of cayenne will stop the bleeding quickly.

It also eases infections which are caused by minor cuts, because it has powerful antibacterial properties which destroy bacteria that enter the body through the injury.

Watch the following video to learn more about cayenne pepper and its properties:

The following video presents the effects of cayenne pepper when this man applied it on his wound.

Source: http://myhealthylifeguru.com

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