‘Strange’ Woman Waited For Mom To Look Away, Slips Boy A Secret Note

In Pell City, Alabama, Melissa Simms was having one of those days that you wish would just end. Her seventh-grade son Trey was home sick from school and she had gone to the doctor to have a follow-up meeting with her doctor after undergoing several surgeries. Once she was at the doctor’s office, Simms became aware that she didn’t even have the money to cover her co-pay.

secret note

She and her husband had split the last $10, so they could both buy enough gas for the day. Trey was waiting for her in the waiting room when a woman walked up to him and handed him an envelope and told him to give it to his mom. Inside the envelope was a $100 bill and note!

secret note

The note told Melissa to hang in there, and it made Melissa cry. What an incredible gesture – and the woman didn’t even want to get any credit! Share away, people.

Source: relayhero.com

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