Students Did Not Like Their Math Teacher Until They Discovered Other Side Of His Life

Do you remember your school years? This period is considered to be one of the most precious times. Students meet many new people every day and get to know a lot of new information. But it is also important to find enough time for studying as it becomes a foundation for future career.

Students of St. Francis High School near Los Angeles thought that they knew everything about their Math teacher, Jim O’Connor. Everybody considered a 70-year-old Vietnam veteran to be a pretty bad person as he was always very strict with his learners. But Jim always said that he comes to a class not to entertain but teach.


One day changed the students’ perception. It turned out that they didn’t know him at all. One pupil, who was responsible for the school’s blood drive, came to the hospital to take part in some events. And every time he mentioned the name of his school, people kept saying, “Oh, you must know Jim O’Connor, isn’t he wonderful?” The high school senior couldn’t understand why so many people in the hospital like him.

At the Blood Donor Center, the student realized that Jim is a regular blood donor. But he was even more surprised. It turned out that for the last 20 years, this man has been volunteering three times a week at the hospital. Jim regularly comes to cuddle, feed, and comfort sick children. Doctors say that children adore him and always feel relaxed when he holds them. He is an invaluable volunteer.

Jim has never been married and has no kids, but he enjoys spending time with the babies and contributing to their well-being.

Sometimes, you think that you know someone, but in reality, you don’t. Students were really impressed to know what Jim does. He is a real inspiration for everybody.

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