The Dark Side Of Modern Society In Pictures

The artist Igor Morski did a series of provocative paintings that reflect multiple aspects of society, individuality, and more.

Igor Morski has many talents: he has boldly developed his own signature artistic style as a graphic designer, set designer, and illustrator.

This is just a little bit of his art:


The Highway Of Your Mind

Only you can control your brain. You have to choose your own way because that is the roud you’re going to follow you’re whole life.


A Fierce Grip

This photo represents the effects of social media on people. They become addicted to their cellphone.


Born A Genius

It’s wildly interesting to think of how much potential one baby can hold. It’s also amazing to think of what children learn from the world around them and how we each do our part to shape reality at the same time.


We Only Have One Planet To Call Home

Our planet is our only home. Unfortunatelly, some people don’t take care of it. We should treat our planet better!


Brain Wash

Don’t let people manipulate you and wash your brain. You should start being more careful with strangers and also with friends.


The Boy Inside The Man

As you grow up, you discover yourself. Sometimes, inside yourself, you know you are still a child who is confronting life.


The Power Of Memory And Nostalgia

Most people live their life regretting their past or actions they’ve done. The power of sentimentality, memory, and nostalgia that comes along with it is a powerful experience.


Surfing The Web

The Internet is a journey with no limits. You can discover everything online if you really want to know something.


The Maze Inside Your Mind

Your mind is a huge place with a lot of interesting things to discover. Try to relax more and open your mind.


When Gold Becomes The Weight Of The World

Pleople these days pay too much attention on the wealth and forget that there are a lot of things in life that are more valuable.


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