The Keys For A Successful And Durable Relationship!

A new relationship with a person you really like is something challenging and awesome. We have the chance to live new experiences, new feelings and why not a possible bright future together.

Most relationship begin in time to get monotonous and sometimes you two start to conflict with your individuality, personal needs and wants.


A wise couples keep on getting better with age. Yet, lots of relationship fade away after the excitement phase is over and separate themselves like oil and water.

If you want a successful relationship, take into consideration these 10 things that can improve the communication with your partner.


1. Be positive about everything!

Everyone wants happy people around them. If you are always sad and depressing, you will transfer your negative emotions to the one who’s next to you.

Keeping a positive attitude will help you more than you think. It will make you more attractive for your partner and at the same time, will make you a happier person overall.

2. Love and accept yourself

Your soulmate wants to see you happy and enjoying every moment together!

You both have to be pleased and fulfilled with your own individualities in order to be able to draw the same emotions in your relationship.

You hace to know your abilities and what you know to do better and improve them! Perserve your own self while also sharing it to another person.

3. Words can hurt more than you think

You can not take back any insult, accusation, lie or anything you said that hurt your partner. Now matter how angry you are, be careful what you say because it can ruin your whole relationship.

4. Pay attention to what your partner like and need

Men and women have different perspectives when it come to a relationship. Try not to think only about what you like and what you would love to do, also listen to your partner’s wants and needs. Be sure that your lover will do the same if you show him/her respect!

5. Be grateful

Treat your partner in the same way you want to be treated. Show that person how lucky you feel to have him in your life.

6. Respect you partner

The key for a successful relationship is respect.

You need to respect them verbally, to respect their options, their wants and their decisions. Don’t blame your partner for the choices he made, try to be suportive.

7. Make memories together

Laugh, sing, travel and cook together. Actually, do whatever you want and like and don’t forget to have a lot of fun. Go do things you haven’t tried with anyone else like taking some dance classes, scuba-diving or going on a camping and take a lot of pictures!

8. Fight routine

Sometimes relationships become boring. To avoid that, you have to diversify your activities and don’t do the same things everyday.

Make an effort to surprise your partner with something small, regularly. Try to bring some novelty in the relationship as often as you can.

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