The Only Living Person Born In 19th Century Revealed The Secret Of How She Achieved To Live 116 Years!

The previous oldest living person in the world, Susannah Mushatt Jones lost her life last night. For this sad reason, Emma Morano took this title.



Emma Morano is a 116-year-old woman who is now the only living person who was born in the 19th century. She took this title after the death of previous record holder Susannah Mushatt Jones, who is just a few months older.

When she found out that she’s the oldest human in the world, Emma said: “My word, I’m as old as the hills.”


This woman passed through two World Wars and she now shares the secret for living this long. She eats three eggs everyday- two of them raw. A doctor recommended her doing so when she was diagnosed with anemia at the age of 20.

She also credits eating small amounts of minced meat and only having milk for supper.

The woman says that the only thing that she is regretting is that she has no longer her friends by her side, because all of them have passed away.

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