The Secret Hidden Underground, Only At 3 Meters From The Stonehenge

As time passes by, scientists find the answers for the biggest mysteries pf our world. These answers only make us put even more questions than before.

This time, British archeologists discovered a so-called second Stonehenge. This is a formation of more than 90 stones arranged in a C shape.



These formation is only 3 km away from the well-known Stonehenge. They lie on their sides at the depth of about 1 m and reach the height of 4.5 m. It was built at the same time as Stonehenge, 4000 years ago.


These buried rocks were found using special radar equipment. The discoverers called this project a ”rare success” and they think there’s nothing else similar to these rocks in the world.


The director of the research, Vince Gaffney, said: “This monument is one of the largest in Europe, and it has been right under our noses for around 4000 years. It is a completely new type of construction for us, and its scale is extraordinary. We think that originally the building was a kind of arena for performing ritual acts. These stones look like a stage set that were meant to impress the viewer.”


The stones are still underground, but the researchers are sure that it was built with monoliths similar to those in Stonehenge.


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