This Couple Asked A Stranger For Help, And He Gave Them More Than They Were Expecting To Get

The latest hurricanes Harvey and Irma forced a lot of people to leave their homes. Deanna and Ben Feist from Florida were among these people. The couple were waiting for the storm to rave itself out in a small Tennessee town, called Pigeon Forge.

Ben and his wife were heading for a lunch to one of the local restaurants when their vehicle suddenly went dead. Fortunately, a driver passing by agreed to help them. But when the Florida couple and their helper made it to The Old Mill restaurant, it turned out that the man was actually the manager at the place.


The man’s name was Mo Tamaddoni, and he was rulling this restaurant for over 20 years now. With Mo’s assistance, the couple got a table right away, and their lunch was served pretty quickly. But the most touching thing happened when Deanna and Ben were getting ready to leave the place.

What they received from a waitress was not their bill but a small envelope from the restaurant’s manager. The girl also told them they did not have to pay anything because their lunch was on the house.

Inside the envelope, there was a note from Mo, a voucher for another free lunch at his restaurant, and a few hundred dollars in cash.

Deanna posted the photo of the note on Facebook, adding that Mo was godsend.

This story is yet another real-life example of true kindness and mutual help. It serves as a reminder that you may not be very rich or have a lot to share with others, but you still can help those in need.

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