This Fireman Saved Her Life 17 Years Ago. He Never Expected Her To Do This

It was this brave fireman’s duty to save this family from their burning house, but that was 17 years ago. What happened after 17 years has everyone smiling and crying altogether!


So as soon as there was a fire outbreak in a house firefighters were alerted immediately to respond to the critical situation. The problem was that the family was still inside the house – the house which was quickly being engulfed by hot flames.

Fireman Mark Hughes was the brave man who was the first to enter this dangerous house and he was the one who saved the then 9-month old Danielle Davison. Had it not been for Mike, Danielle could have met with an unfortunate fate.

There ended the story of the 9-month old girl and the brave fireman Mark Hughes. But several years later he got curious and wanted to find out what the little girl, who he once saved, was doing. When he found her on Facebook, he sent her a small message telling her how he thought she was the one he had saved when she was just a tiny baby!

All this fireman wanted was to know if the girl was doing well and what she had become, but this tiny gesture gave birth to their friendship. Mark soon became one of Danielle’s close friends, after all he saved her life.

Then one day Danielle invited Mark to her graduation ceremony and in her speech she thanked the fireman and told the world how important his presence on her graduation ceremony was to her. She acknowledged him for saving her life because had it not been for him, she wouldn’t be here.

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