This “Grandfather Of CrossFit” Found The Best Way To Fight Aging. By Lifting!

Old age brings to an end an inevitable cycle for all living beings. Nobody can escape it. There’s no magic formula that slows down the process. For years, science has been wrapped up in stopping the aging of the DNA, which controls our body clock, but the efforts have so far been unsuccessful. That’s the cruel law of entropy.

However, Jacinto Bonilla is 78-years-old and manages to laugh in the face of time.


Everybody calls this New York resident the “Grandfather of CrossFit.” Jacinto earns his title. This grandfather can jump onto a 3-foot-high box, do one-handed push-ups, and climb a 16-foot-long rope.

“I love being strong. I like being able to move and do things which younger people can’t do, or aren’t willing to do,” insists Jacinto.

However, behind this obsession for the sport and working out, Jacinto hides his real fear: that old age makes him dependent. Because, after all, growing old implies losing our independence and, in many ways, our freedom. We become dependent on others: children, grandchildren, and nephews.

Plus, Jacinto had a traumatic experience in 2008. Prostate cancer threatened his life. He spent a long time away from weights and the gym. But he won the fight against cancer and returned to fight for his life.

It doesn’t matter how much you lift in the gym, it’s just a way of dealing with something. What really matters is fighting to live, having the will to face up to the passage of time, to win, and be free, just like Jacinto.

Doing push-ups is one way to slow down the passage of time.

Source: Fabiosa

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