This house is only 160 square feet – but one look inside and I’m instantly in love

There are houses that are small, beautiful, and cozy — and then there’s “Poco Pink.”

When I look at the outside of a tiny house like this, I have a lot of questions. “Who could live in such a small space?” “How did they get everything in there?”


Then, I peep inside, and it’s not long before I planning where I want to put all my stuff.

This is a place I could really spend many days. Take a step inside!

Poco Pink is built on an 18-foot (5.5m) trailer.

It looks beautiful from the outside, don’t you think?

The living space is just 160 square feet…

But it seems much bigger when you step inside.

Big windows and high ceilings make the inside bright and airy.

You can basically pick whatever view you want, considering your house is on wheels.

Dining table for two.

A fully stocked kitchen with modern appliances and lots of storage space.

I really like the kitchen cabinets and the fact that there are so many electrical outlets.

Everywhere you look there’s a clever solution to help you fit anything you might need.

Next to the kitchen there’s a modern bathroom and a toilet.

Not bad, right?

A ladder helps you access the cozy loft bedroom.

You can easily fit a king-size bed in the loft.

The perfect cottage for anyone who likes compact living, but also appreciate all the comforts that comes with a full-size house.

Would you like to live in this cabin or do you know someone who should live here?

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Source: newsner.com

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