This Man Came To The Graveyard With A Large Bag On Sunday, What He Did Next Made Everyone Cry!

Andrew Lumish owns a small cleaning company in Florida. He works six days a week, and he spends his seventh day on the graveyard. He has been coming there for two years now! What is he doing there? Is he mourning for someone who died and whom he still loves? Maybe he’s doing some strange rituals? I bet you wouldn’t guess, as Martin is there because he loves his country.

What he actually does there is cleaning the tombs of the veterans! So far he has cleaned 300 of them in the past two years. What’s even more amazing it might take up to several months to clean one grave. As soon as the job is done, he posts the “before and after” photo on his Facebook account.


I can’t even imagine how such idea came to his mind! However, what he does is so kind and beautiful. My grandma’s twin died in an unknown location during the WWII. I’d be happy to know someone commemorates what he did for this world!

Source: https://wikr.com

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