This Man Ran A Marathon With An Empty Baby Stroller. Despite The Heartbreaking Reason Behind It, He Wants To Help Others

Nothing can be more exciting than waiting for your little baby to come to this world. But for some parents, this amazing moment never comes because of one terrifying word — stillbirth.

Meet Troy Austin from Australia. In 2016, Troy and his pregnant wife, Kelly, went to the hospital for a usual checkup. The soon-to-be parents were worried because their son, whom they were going to name T.G. was quiet for some time. That day, they’ve heard the world ‘stillbirth’ for the first time.


This story is really sad and personal. But the most concerning thing about the Austins’ personal tragedy is that before that awful day in the hospital, the couple did not even know that there was a possibility of their son dying during pregnancy. And the Austins were not the only soon to be parents who did not know anything about stillbirth.

However, statistics say that about 1 percent of all pregnancies in the U.S. result in stillbirth, according to CDC. And in many cases, the reason of stillbirth remains unknown. This why it is so important to draw people’s attention to this difficult topic. And drawing people’s attention to raise awareness about stillbirths and keep the memory of his unborn son T.G. is exactly what Troy Austin did.

For Troy, running was his way to deal with grief. Three days after his son’s burial, Austin had three different trophies. But it was not about winning a competition. It was about keeping both his mind and body so tired there would be no place left for any grief and sadness.

With the time passing, Austin found a way to use his love for running for making people think about the problem of stillbirth. He ran a marathon pushing an empty stroller ahead of him. Troy wanted to make people ask questions and therefore let them know about a tragedy that many families have been through. And people were asking questions.

The reactions were different. Some people got the point of his message right away while the others did not understand his actions. But Troy made people think and talk about the problem of stillbirth, anyway. And after Austin published the photos from that marathon on his Facebook page, something wonderful has happened. People from all over the globe, including other parents who had had the same painful experience, started writing him to thank him and show their support.

So today, we also share the story of T.G. Austin and his amazing dad who keeps the memory of his son and tries to help others, no matter what.


Source: fabiossa.com

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