This Mother Let Her Son Choose Her Outfits For A Week

It is a well-known fact that children are dressed by their parents.  What if little children dress their parents?

Summer Bellessa is a mother of a three years old boy who decided to turn the tables and let her son pick her outfits out for a few days.


We think this little boy, Rockwell, is a mini fashion designer because the outfits he chose for his mom are so stylish! Don’t you think the same?

Day 1


Rockwell chose for his mother a Bob Dylan tee, with a gray skirt, and tights.

“Are you sure you want to pair these tights with these shoes?” asked Summer.

“Yup,” added her son without hesitation. “And the blue sweatshirt.”


Day 2


“This was probably my favorite day. These polka dotted Lula Roe leggings look great with my Mickey T-shirt. And although I wouldn’t have worn it with these shoes, it does have a fun feel to it. It’s almost like an homage to Minnie.” wrote the woman on her blog.


Day 3


” I was a little self-conscious running my errands that day, but again, to my surprise I didn’t get one double-take or stare of curiosity. Instead, I got a woman who stopped me to tell me she liked my socks!”


Day 4


Look at these shoes!


“This outfit was a little more of a challenge. He picked out three shirts for me … and that’s it.”

Summer explained to her son that she also needs pants.

“He nodded his head in understanding and pointed to the closest pair of pants. He also pulled out two pairs of shoes from a pile in my closet. I don’t think he realized that they were two different shoes. If my closet was at all organized, he probably wouldn’t have had that problem.”


Day 5


“This shirt was picked out because it has arrows on it, and Rockwell loves arrows. He looked for pants that also have arrows, but had to settle on a pair of jeans.”

“I could tell that he was glad this was the last day. His busy toddler schedule is packed with a lot of fun things and picking out my outfit every day was starting to take too much out of his day. When it came down to it, he’d rather be painting or riding his bike.”



Which one do you like the most?

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