This Woman Uploaded A Casual Photo To Instagram And Became A Fashion Guru For Thousands

The idea of there being a maximum age to succeed in life is a myth and this 62-year-old woman proves it.


Her name is Sarah Jane Adams and she’s a jewelry and fashion designer. She’s a celebrity on social media, with 150,000 followers.

However, a few years ago Sarah was completely unknown. Her work wasn’t appreciated and the woman felt the desire to show off her designs contrasting with the pressure of her age.

Thanks to the Internet, Sarah has found a platform which offers her visibility, not just to potential clients, but for everybody to be able to appreciate her talent.

The woman, who lives in Sydney, Australia, found Instagram to be perfect for her aim, but it was all down to luck. One day, Sarah decided to post a personal photo, showing off a red Adidas jacket, belonging to the 2014 collection.

The photo caused such a stir that her number of followers soon increased exponentially.

This unexpected online success soon resulted in contracts and work offers. Sarah found representation with Adidas and modeling agency IMG.

According to the designer herself, her appeal comes down to her open-minded and young-at-heart attitude. Sarah not only continues to use models from 40 years ago, but she feels as young as a woman in her 20’s and projects vitality.

That’s the key to her success.

Source: Fabiosa

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