Trick of Korean women to cleaning their porcelain skin. You have that thing in your refrigerator

This drink is used a lot in Korea, and as strange as it may seem, we all probably have it in our refrigerators and we don’t know about its qualities.

We’re talking about carbonated water. This ordinary water, which is so often ignored in western beauty, can be applied to the skin of the face to clean, exfoliate, and best of all, it add brightness.

Ana Ferrón, expert of the team of Korean cosmetic stores ‘MiiN Cosmetics’, talked to Vogue Spain and explained its benefits:

The advantage of carbonated water is that it has less limestone than regular water. It acts as a mini-exfoliation for sensitive skin. Since it doesn’t contain solid particles like many other exfoliators, it doesn’t irritate the skin as much. It’s perfect for mixed and acne-prone skin and removes excess oil from the skin.

Another beauty expert, Carmen Navarro, comments that, “laboratories still haven’t clearly wagered on this trend, but what we do know is that carbonated water can be used to clean the face.”

Experts assure that the bubbling effect of the water is what allows a gentle and deep clean, as well as giving more oxygen to the skin. It also possesses firming properties, due to its high calcium content and stimulates the creation of collagen, which is responsible for giving the skin firmness and elasticity. So don’t ignore this type of water and start using it from today.

Carbonated water has no drawbacks; however, it should be combined with appropriate facial hygiene habits for each skin type, according to age, characteristics, and needs,” explains expert, Carmen Navarro.

Aso, it is not recommended for overly sensitive skin and you should always choose carbonated water with no added sweeteners or flavors.

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