Two Years Ago, She Could Hardly Walk Without Running Out Of Breath. Now, She Motivates Hundreds Of Thousands Of People

It is very difficult to change habits that have developed over the years. It’s much easier to remain mired in one’s own “swamp” and never deviate from the way one has always done things. This condition even has a name — the “comfort zone.” It is really difficult to get out of it, and often certain — and unpleasant — circumstances motivate us to do so.

This is exactly what happened to an American woman, named Sarah Sapora. For almost her entire life she was overweight, and at times dreamed of losing weight, but in general, she was content and satisfied. Everything changed in 2015, when her parents were hospitalized because of health problems, caused by obesity.


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Until she was 36, Sarah worked a lot and paid practically no attention to her health. Then, completely unexpectedly, she had to move to New York to take care of her sick parents. Complicating matters was the fact that the woman could not walk an entire block on her way to the hospital without running out of breath. She was overweight, and needed to do something about it.

“Even though it wasn’t severe, I was constantly in pain. And everything eventually started to hurt, including my knees and back. I had almost no energy. My body wasn’t functioning properly. And I thought that this was normal! I had lived this way my entire life. I realized that it’s not normal when I could barely open a door…”

Sarah made a firm decision to change her life. Little by little, she began to change her diet, included exercise in her schedule, and opened an Instagram account — more for herself than for anyone else.

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In just one year, Sarah had more than 120,000 followers! She makes short videos, in which she demonstrates exercises. She is a motivation for many people who, because of various circumstances, have become discouraged about making changes in their lives. When they look at this energetic woman, hundreds of her followers realize that it is possible.

Sarah has returned to California and now works as a personal fitness consultant.

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Sarah did not return to her former job, but she is active in fitness under the supervision of a trainer. She started with light exercises for beginners and gradually moved up to more serious training. Sarah is not afraid of the fact that, because of the training, her muscles will be sore.

“I like to exercise. I love feeling that I’m getting stronger. Stronger and sexier.”

Not long ago, Sarah used to take the elevator to the second floor of the building where she lives. Now, she can easily run several blocks without running out of breath.

Sarah is quite happy now, but she is not going to stop. She likes to challenge herself, and she wants to be ready, at a moment’s notice, to go scuba diving or to Iceland for a hiking trip.

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Sarah is especially happy that so many people are inspired by her story.

“If I can inspire a woman to change, then I’m going in the right direction.”

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Sarah is a great example that it’s never to late to change yourself, your body, and your health.

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