Useful And Easy-To-Follow Advices For Curly Hair That Help Make It Healthy And Beautiful

It is common thing that women with curly hair always tend to make it straight, while those with straight one dream about lovely curls. Girls will be girls. Anyway, in both cases, the most important thing is to have a healthy-looking hair. Though, to make good curls, one should work hard. Here are some useful everyday tips for curly hair that every girl should follow to obtain it.

Comb your hair from the bottom up.
Just keep in mind that combing curly hair starting from the bottom allows you to gently separate each curl and make it look well-groomed.


Don’t use a brush.
It’s better to use a wide-tooth comb instead of ordinary brush to avoid breakage and extensive hair loss.

Use “cocktailing” products.
Moisturizing and nourishing are two essential methods in everyday hair therapy routine. Applying various “hair cocktailing” products will make your curls more bright and healthy-looking.

Apply conditioning to hair ends.
Curly hair is more susceptible to dry or dull phase. That is why, if you dream about long and healthy curls, you should apply a conditioning treatment every time after washing your hair.

Use “pineapple trick”.
“Pineapple trick” is called a technique that gathers hair at the top of the head. It’s better to do it before going to sleep. This simple approach protects your curls from losing their shape.

Trim regularly.
For the girls with curly hair, it is especially important to use trimmer in order to avoid split ends. If you want to make your curls fresh, try to visit a hairstylist every six or eight weeks.

Avoid straighten your hair too much.
As we already mentioned earlier, lots of girls with curly hair have a desire to make it straight. Today, there are plenty of hairstyle devices for this purpose in the beauty market. But remember that if you prefer to use them every day for straightening your hair, there is a great possibility that your healthy-looking curls will lose their strength and become more dull and weak.

Try not to wash your hair on rainy days.
Curly hair is more sensitive to wet and rainy weather than straight one. So, if you wake up in the morning and find out that it’s raining outside, then you should better spray your hair with a mixture of water and conditioner instead of washing it completely.

Hope, these simple advices will help you make your curly hair more beautiful and healthy. If you follow these useful advices, you will achieve the cutest curls in your life.

Source: fabiosso.com

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