Woman Gave A Pencil To One Ethiopian Kid. 34 Years Later, She Learned How Her Small Gift Changed The Boy’s Life

Sometimes, we don’t appreciate what we have, believing that all these little things are insignificant. But the stories like this prove otherwise.


Back in 1974, when Ethiopia was ruled by the Derg, Sunny Ray was helping as a famine relief volunteer in one of the local villages. She was doing everything she could to assist the locals: from aiding at the hospital to teaching kids and managing the cooking. When it was time for her to leave, Sunny gave away most of her belongings, including her clothes, sleeping bag, and even all the pens and pencils she had.

34 years later, the woman returned to the same village. At first, she couldn’t even get there because the territory was transformed into a military compound. But Sunny did not give up. And, eventually, she encountered a man who turned out to be one of the kids whom Mrs. Ray gave her writing tools.

Giving away something like a small pencil may seem inessential to most of us. But it is hard to believe how that small gift received from a foreign volunteer determined the future of this man. You may watch the video below to learn this incredible story first-hand. And if you like the story, please share this post with your friends and family. Let’s appreciate even the smallest things that make our daily lives a bit better.

Source: Fabiosa

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