Woman includes horses in her wedding to feel the father’s presence

Every woman wants her daddy to walk ker down the aisle, to support and give her best advices and it’s heartbreaking when that’s not possible.

Usually, quite a lot of relatives and friends are invited to share this wonderful moment of the creation of the new family.


Recently, Patti Womer from Pennsylvania has shared an impressive story on Facebook that touched so many people’s hearts. She has also uploaded some pictures that were captured by the Tony Bendele Photography and have a special meaning.

In the photos, you can see a happy bride and a groom together with two horses. It was the bride’s idea to include them into the wedding. In this way, she wanted to feel her late father’s presence on this special event. Her father died in 2016 in a car accident, and since that time she has been missing him so much. They were very close and could spend hours together.

The woman and her father often enjoyed riding horses, it was like a family tradition for both. Two horses, Dutch and Cricket, have become like a family members, and Patti could not imagine her life without riding them together with her dad.

Taking into account that these animals were a big part of her life, Patti took them to the wedding. The woman says her horse’s smile made her day. She got a feeling that her father is somewhere around and supports her during this special day.

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