Woman meets her biological brother after 30 years and they both have an incredible surprise after

An amazing and heart-warming reunion between a woman and his long-lost biological brother has touched the hearts of many netizens on social media. They found an incredible thing about each other and everyone was melted.

Christina Housel decided to look for her biological family, and found her long-lost brother, Lyle James Berryman, after 30 years of being separated.


Lyle says the two were originally separated when they were much younger after their parents decided to give Christina up for adoption. Lyle says after his sister was given up for adoption, he was left at someone’s house in Florida. It seems incredible for many families, but that’s not all.

Lyle’s mother informed him that he wasn’t an only child in 1996. On the mother’s deathbed, he was told that he has a sister and a pair of twin sisters who were also given up for adoption. He was told the twins were born on April 10, 1994.

So Lyle and Christina decided to find their missing sisters. And they did. The newly reunited pair met up one more time, taking the now viral photo in hopes of finding their twin sisters. Both think the mystery pair could still be living in the Naples area of Fort Myers.

They have taken to Facebook to try to reach out to them or anyone else who lives in Florida to get the word out. It was such an amazing reunion for them and the story became viral.

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