Woman saw a granddaughter wearing her old dress from the 1950s at prom and she has the sweetest reaction

It is funny how people can see certain things. Whereas one person sees just a regular vintage dress, for someone, it may be a reminding of the good moments they had in the past.

When Cassie was a little girl, her mom was given a fancy looking retro dress. It belonged to Cassie’s grandmother, Dottie. The woman thought that the girl could use the outfit in her child’s play. Cassie’s mother, however, decided to save it for a special occasion and put the dress in the closet.

Great surprise for the grandma


On her graduation day, lots of people from Cassie’s family were there to greet and support the girl, and her grandmother Dottie was not an exception. Cassie’s aunt, Angie Gillam, also was there, filming the special moment.

When Cassie finally stepped outside to show everyone her gorgeous prom outfit, Dottie realized the dress that her granddaughter was wearing. Almost instantly, the old lady started crying and asking people around her whether it was indeed her old dress. Then, Cassie reached out for her granny and hugged her tightly. The video ends with the two beautiful women, grandmother, and granddaughter, standing together and smiling.

However, it was not the last surprise waiting for their family. When Angie Gillam shared the video of that special moment on YouTube, she could hardly imagine it going viral. As of today, the video has almost 9 million views. Furthermore, people keep watching and sharing it, even though the original event took place about 7 years ago.

This heartwarming video is not just yet another example of the fact that vintage dresses look stunning even decades after they were made. It proves once more that good memories can be created with the simplest things and actions.

Source: Fabiossa

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