Woman sheds a whopping 52lbs after eating crackers and water for months

You hear every day about miracle diets and about people who lost weight by eating cucumbers, apples or pineapple.

There is still hope for people who have no time to exercise! Every Filipino knows what Skyflakes crackers are. At one time in their lives, they probably ate one (or two) pack of this crunchy treat. It doesn’t taste that much, but I don’t know why I can’t get enough of it. What I noticed about it is that eating some of it will soon make you crave for water, which is a good thing.

This woman decided to eat Skyflakes for months after finding out how she felt full after just a couple of crackers. She also began cutting down on sweets and rice, which are the main cause of obesity in the Philippines. And soon she sheded a whooping 52 lbs.

Months after, the results were more than what she expected. From her excessive weight of 80kgs, she went down to just 54 kgs.

According to her, she didn’t exercise or take any pills, since she was too busy and too lazy to do so, while she didn’t want to spend on expensive medication.

She shared her story on Facebook to inspire and motivate others that they don’t have to go to the gym or spend thousands on pills that do not work. With a mere P10 in hand, you can lose that weight in no time!

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