Woman suffering from multiple learning disabilities slams her bullies after they tried for years to pull her down

You know that education is very important and almost every parent wants his child to get the best education. And when you are different, you know that you need to do more.

Phoebe was always dubbed to be ‘different’ by her classmates, teachers, and even people who don’t even know her personally. The Australian student was suffering from several learning disabilities, prompting people around calling her stupid. She was bullied for years, but that didn’t stop her to achieve her goals.

“Unfortunately I was bullied relentlessly for years,” Phoebe writes. “I just try use it as motivation.”

She was shamed for being “too stupid” and being diagnosed with Dyslexia (a reading disorder), Dyscalculia (a difficulty in understanding numbers), dysgraphia (a deficiency in the ability to write), and ADHD (problems paying attention) surely didn’t help either.

“Sadly, due to the harassment at school, I was too nervous to ever put people on blast or stand up for myself.”

But today, she has proved to all of her bullies that she is very capable—even more than the people who call themselves ‘normal’. With the help of her friends, family, and tutors who never gave up on her, she was able to finish her bachelor’s degree with flying colors.

She then sends an eye-opening message for the people who tried to pull her down:

Netizens praised her for her bravery and determination. While others who suffered from the same disability gained confidence and motivation:

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