Woman, who hired the future Princess Diana to be her $5-an-hour nanny, tells about the moment she found out she was an aristocrat

Few people know what Princess Diana did before her wedding with Prince Charles. It turned out that she was, in fact a nanny and the woman who hired her talkes about that period.

Many people all over the world love the late Princess Diana. She had a big heart, and she demonstrated true grace and humility despite her royal status. But not many people know that before she became Princess Diana, Lady Diana Spencer lived a very modest life, and she even worked as a nanny! 20 years after her Diana’s death, a woman described the late Princess.

In 1980, an American businesswoman, Mary Robertson, who lived in London, needed help with her little son, Patrick. Mary called a local agency and asked them for a part-time nanny, and the only babysitter available was an 18-year-old girl, named Diana Spencer.

Soon, Diana was interviewed and was hired by Mary Robertson. Her employer didn’t know that the nanny was a member of the aristocracy until later. Diana earned $5 an hour for her babysitting. She also washed the dishes, loaded the laundry, and picked up the boy’s toys. Robertson, who later moved to New Vernon, NJ, said:

“We never knew until much later on that she had a title or personal wealth. She just came along as a normal part-time nanny.

One day, Mary found a deposit slip from Diana’s bank under her couch. She explained:

“It said ‘Lady Diana Spencer’, and it was deposited to Coutts and Company, and because I worked in finance, I knew that Coutts was the bank of the aristocracy and the Royal family.

That’s how Robertson found out that her nanny was also Lady Diana Spencer from one of the oldest families in England. But when she told her about it, Diana didn’t really think of it as a big deal. She acted as humble as always.

There was another surprise waiting for the Robertsons when they found out that Diana was dating the future King of England. Soon, she gave notice she would be leaving the family, and the next time they saw her, she was on TV, walking down the aisle with Prince Charles. Surprisingly, the two women stayed in touch, exchanging letters for the next 16 years. Mary said that “Diana never changed” and always remained “friendly and unpretentious.”

With sadness in her voice, Robertson went on:

“She asked for us to come and visit, and I didn’t read the calls to visit as little cries for help”.

Mary came to mourn Diana’s death at her funeral at London’s Westminster Abbey in 1997. She said:

“Being at the funeral was probably the saddest, most painful hour I have ever spent in my life”.

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