Woman with terminal illness becomes world champion bodybuilder and her story is inspiring

A woman who wears a colostomy bag after nearly dying from an incurable bowel condition has been crowned a world champion bodybuilder and her story is so inspiring.

Zoey Wright was hospital bound for four weeks after having her large intestine removed three years ago.


She suffered severe cramps, chronic fatigue and recurring diarrhoea because of ulcerative colitis and spent a month in hospital while studying at university. Then, doctors made a big decision regarding her condition.

The 25-year-old endured symptoms for several years, describing her younger self as a “typical teenage girl” who ignored warning signs.

And after undergoing a huge operation, the fitness instructor has now competed in three bodybuilding competitions and was crowned number one at the Pure Elite World Championship. That’s an impressive competition, but she nailed it and everyone is amazed by her story.

She said: “For a long time, I ignored painful stomach cramps and the fact that I was losing weight. Doctors sent me for tests while I was studying at university and I spent a very traumatic month in hospital. But I am stubborn and determined. I was lying in my hospital bed when I decided I was going to get on stage and compete as a bodybuilder.”

Zoey is from Falmouth, Cornwall and she added: “I wanted to do something I’d never done before and something that seemed impossible to achieve.

“Now I am in love with training and competing – and the world title is a celebration if being healthy. I have achieved the impossible.”

She took first prize in the “overall” category at the championships in Margate, Kent, on October 28 – finishing one place better than she did at the event in 2016.

The blonde focused on an intensive hour-and-a-half session six times a week while preparing for the contest, and doctors announced her that her her white blood cells attacked the healthy lining of her bowel wall, making it ulcerated.

In 2012, her weight plummeted from 10st to 8st and she tried various drugs in an attempt to treat the condition.

Two years later, she decided to have ileostomy surgery and use a colostomy bag.

She added: “Exercise is a daily routine like brushing your teeth in the morning.

“When I’m preparing for a show I will do cardio before breakfast and then lift weights in the evening. I don’t spend hours in the gym per session because I don’t want to get bored of doing something I love.”

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