Women in the audience squeal when they see how gorgeous son is after his ‘man bun’ is chopped off and it’s no wonder why they did that

Nowadays, a lot of men prefer to keep their hair long. Also, they love long beards, even though their partners don’t agree this look.

Your time in college is a time to experiment with different styles and looks. It’s a time when you’re old enough to be on your own and have responsibilities, but not quite old enough to be considered a “grown-up.”


At one moment of your life, you should consider a change, because as a grown up, it can be difficult to get a job or having a partner loking like that and so did this man from the story below.
One young man grew out his hair for so long that he was able to tie it up into a man bun. He loved how soft his hair was at that length and never considered a change.

But as an aspiring math teacher ready to enter the workforce, he needed to look more professional. On top of that, mom and dad were begging their son to make a change!

They enlisted Rachael Ray’s help, and her stylist, Kyan, took the reins and gave the young man a cut that made him even more handsome than before.

When he reemerged on stage, all the women in the audience started squealing. The new haircut definitely fits him, and all the women are in agreement about that!

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