2 Sisters Were Abandoned And Separated At Birth. Only 43 Years Later They Hapily Bonded Together!

For a long time, Donna Massie Wysong felt no need to find her biological parents.

All she knew about her past was that she was left to die on a sidewalk in Norfolk, VA, wrapped in a dirty towel with a red yarn around her navel. Fortunately, she was rescued and found a warm and loving home.


Eventually, she began to have a lot of questions and realised that knowing more about her biological parents would be the way to have her questions answered.

After a news station shared Donna’s story and her mission, a good samaritan decided to help her find out more.

Angela Trammel is a genealogical investigator and she offered to carry out a biological DNA test for free to help Donna find answers. After a deep search, she was able to find a full match. A biological sister who was abandoned eleven months after Donna was.

Trammel explained, “A full-blooded, biological sister. Eleven months younger; an Irish twin, so to speak.”

Donna and her sister, Vanessa Smiley, began to get to know each other through Facebook chat, texting and regular video calls.

Soon after, they decided to meet up. Their bond was almost instant and they both decided to try and find their mother. After some search, Vanessa was able to reach her on phone but the conversation did not go as planned.

Both ladies were prepared to forgive their mum and maybe even get some information on the situation surrounding the abandonment. Their biological mother explained that she had been severely physically abused by their father who never knew that both girls existed.

The conversation went south from there, and at one point, Vanessa claimed to have said, “I’m not the one who put a baby in a box.”

Her mother’s response? “You put yourself in a box.”

The morning after this fight, their mother threatened to sue them if they contacted her again.

During an interview, the sisters explained what they thought of their mother.

“Because if anything I want to be a good wife and mama, and I don’t want to be thought of like this person,” Vanessa said.

“She doesn’t care about us,” said Donna through tears. “So, no, she’ll never get to meet us.”

They did eventually find out that they had a biological brother. He was not abandoned as he got to live with their mother. The siblings recently reunited and introduced their families to each other.

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