3 Hilarious Videos Of Twin Dancers Who Adore When Their Daddy Plays Guitar

Little kids know how to look adorable in nearly any situation. But when it comes to these identical twin girls, the level of cuteness is very high.


It all began with a short video of 11-month-old sisters who moved in sync (well, almost in sync), while their daddy played one of the kids’ favorite songs.

The twins’ dance and their facial expressions were so hilarious that the video soon went viral.

About a year after, the parents shared another video of their little stars’ performance. And from the very first seconds, it becomes obvious that the sisters practiced a lot to master their skills.

They still adored when their dad played guitar, and their timekeeping improved.

One more year later, another video of these twin dancers was posted. However, this time, we can see that the girls started expressing their personalities a bit better. While in the first two videos, the cuties were trying to move together, now, each sister tried to impress the audience with own skills.

One thing is for sure: these girls love their dad’s music, and we adore their amusing dances.

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Source: Fabiosa

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