74-yr-old who trekked thousands of miles to save his sick wife was a new incredible mission

74-yr-old man who trekked thousands of miles to save his sick wife became viral all over the world and reminded us, one more time, the power of love.

How many miles would you be willing to walk in order to save your loved one’s life? How many would you walk to save a stranger’s life? Wayne Winters trekked thousand of miles to prove his love for his wife, in an incredible story.


Seventy-four year-old Wayne Winters of Farr West, Utah recently spent months pounding the pavement while wearing a sandwich board sign. His mission was to find a kidney donation for his ailing wife, Deanne, who had stage 5 kidney disease.

Deanne had been undergoing dialysis for over two years as she waited for a perfect organ match. “Just to watch somebody hooked up to dialysis is a traumatic experience,” Wayne explained to KSTU-TV. “I held my wife’s hand.”

Wayne and Deanne have been married for 26 years, and they’re hoping for just a little more time together. They can’t imagine life alone and Wayne did everything he could for his wife.

After Wayne began wearing his “Need A Kidney 4 Wife” sign, his story went viral and he received thousands of calls from people who wanted to help.

“Between 7-800 [calls],” Wayne said. “It filled my phone up. I’m sitting here with this full phone.”

And after three weeks of spreading the word, Wayne received the incredible phone call he’d been dreaming of getting. “They said, ‘We have a kidney for you, get down here!’”

An organ donor had passed, and Deanne was a perfect match. Now that Deanne is recovering from her surgery, she and Wayne are hoping to resume their life together and even start traveling again. It may be an end for many, but not for Wayne.

“I have my wife back,” Wayne said. “If she can have a good five years that would be awesome. We can have our life back.”

Although Wayne’s personal mission may be over, his experience made him realize how many people are on the organ donation list who still needed help. He has decided to keep walking to encourage people to think about becoming organ donors, and perhaps to find out if they are a match for someone who is waiting for a kidney today.

“I will spend more of my days walking with my sign to see how many I can get,” Wayne said. “Think about it; we could start a kidney revolution, and that would be so great.”

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