A Glass Of Red Wine Is The Equivalent To An Hour At The Gym

The University of Alberta, Canada, has found that the benefits you get from a compound in red wine named resveratrol, are similar to those we get from exercise.

These compounds are thought to have antioxidant properties, protecting the body against the kind of damage linked to increased risk for conditions such as cancer and heart disease.


Rasveratrol is extremely beneficial for improving your physical performance, good for your heart health and improves your muscle strength in a way the physical exercises do.

Jason Dyck, the main researcher of this study, thinks that these findings can help people who want to exercise, but physically, they are unable to.

That doesn’t mean that a glass of wine should replace exercising completely, but it’s good to know that one glass of red wine every night, with a healthy dinner, will have positive and good effects on your health, generally speaking.

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