Granddaughter Gets A Peep Of Her Grandparents’ Routine And Makes Incredible, Full Of Love Photos Of Them

People say that love with years fade away and there are left only attachments to each other, or just a habit. They say only this keeps together two people who used to love each other. However, somehow it happens people rarely tell us about their success stories. Especially those where true love prevails and doesn’t give grey hair and wrinkles a chance to set two people apart.

Some people had a great chance to be part of loving families and it was the example they will follow in their adult life. Hopefully, this story will inspire lots of us to have a truly incredible relationship as this couple.


Gordon and Carol Seim live together in South Dakota in a farm town, La Bolt. They’ve been married for 67 years. And when looking at them, it seems it was only yesterday.

One day their granddaughter came to visit them and took her camera with her. She secretly was taking photos of her grandparents no matter where they were. And every single of them is full of love, care, and devotion.

Gordon and Carol lived in one town and Gordon was friends with her brother. At that time, Carol was a small girl, and he didn’t take her seriously. But after Gordon’s return from the navy, he noticed the young woman, refused a proposal to join a minor league scout and started a family.

They have been living happily since then, battling illnesses and sorrows that came their way. But the only thing they didn’t forget is their love for each other. Such a couple is a perfect example of marriage not only for their kids but other people as well.

Source: Fabiosa

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