Hairdresser From Beirut Uses Chocolate Paste And Other Edible Sweets When Coloring His Clients’ Hair

Hair coloring trends change very fast, and we barely have time to pick the most suitable for us to try. But there is one Beirut hairdresser who brought the art of the hair coloring to a completely new level. At least, that is what he makes it look like.

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Abed Allahitani is a hair stylist at the Abed & Samer beauty salon in Beirut, Lebanon. The man became quite famous when the world first saw the video of him coloring his client’s hair with the help of Nutella. That is right, he applied that sweet hazelnut cocoa spread we all love so much to woman’s hair. And while the coloring abilities of the desert raise certain doubts, we have to admit that the final look of female’s hair is gorgeous.

However, Nutella is not the only strange thing you can see in the hands of this hairdresser. The man loves all kinds of desserts. That is why he uses so much sweet stuff alongside usual hair care products.

Take a look at the short video below. At the beginning, the whole process looks pretty much standard: the man cuts off a few inches of his client’s hair and applies a bit of hair dye. Then, suddenly, we see something we definitely won’t witness in a regular beauty salon: along with a hair mousse, the hairdresser puts some chocolate on the woman’s hair.

Here is another example. This time, Abed used lots of cotton candy while coloring this lovely lady’s hair deep violet. As a proof of this pink substance being indeed a cotton candy, the man even offers some of it to his client, and she actually eats it.

The reason why Abed Allahitani used various sweets as a part of his hair coloring technology remains a mystery. Maybe, it is because that these products smell nice, especially compared to a regular hair dye. Or maybe, it is just a new way to entertain the clients. No matter what the true reason is, this man seems to be pretty great at what he does. On the other hand, you definitely should not repeat any of that without prior consultation with your hairdresser.

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