Message That Was Accidentally Posted On Social Media Caused A Storm Of Positive Emotions

For most of us, the greatest nightmare is to send a text message to wrong person. Once, my friend sent a cute loving SMS to her boss instead of her husband. Thanks to God, her boss had a good sense of humor, and they just laughed at that whole situation. Here is another example.


NPR worker, Christopher Hopkins, accidentally posted some of his personal details on the work account on Facebook. There was nothing criminal, just a couple of sentences such as “Ramona is given a new toy. Ramona gets a hug. Ramona sees three cats 30 feet away.”

When he realized his mistake a few minutes later, Hopkins replaced the post and added that the message was intended for a personal Facebook account. But what the guy did not expect was a huge positive feedback from the readers.

The most frequently asked question in the comments was “Who is Ramona?” Everyone thought that she was a cat. So, to satisfy the public interest, Hopkins replied that Ramona was not a cat…but she owns a cat!

This kind and hilarious story proves that people are tired to hear only the bad news. Sometimes, even a cute text message is able to raise one’s mood in a couple of seconds. Thank you, Ramona, for making us smile!

Source: Fabiosa

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