News Anchor’s Boyfriend Shows Up And Interrupts The Live Broadcast With A Proposal!

So, a man’s found a woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with. What should he do next?

Propose, of course! And this is where the troubles begin. Every woman dreams of a perfect wedding as well as the perfect proposal. That is why many men who have ever popped the question faced the same kind of nervousness.


Thankfully, there are plenty of creative ideas and tips on internet. Don’t rush, saying “They are so trivial.” They may be obvious, but that doesn’t change the fact they are quite useful.

First of all, be yourself.

Sometimes, keeping it simple is the best and the sweetest way to go.

Choose a special for both of you day.

Not necessarily Valentine’s Day.

Candle lit dinner.

If you want to be classy!

What can be cuter than asking ‘The Question’ after traveling back in time to when you first noticed that special chemistry!

Or, you can get inspired by this footage. At first, you see only Emily Turner. She is a television journalist with the CBS San Francisco. Then, you see her boyfriend interrupting the live stream. He approaches Emily, who can’t hide the surprised expression on her face. Before she could say a thing, he just makes himself clear about his feelings towards her and goes down on one knee.

What a lovely way to pop the question, don’t you think? We wish much happiness to them both!

Watch this footage and let us know, what do you think of this proposal?

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