No-Sugar Lifestyle Has Become The Girl’s Savior When She Was Getting Ready For The Worst

Some people probably know the feeling when your life practically falls apart. There’s no thing you haven’t tried to save it. You try to do everything possible to get back on track, but it seems all your efforts are in vain.

This girl, Jessica Bean, 28, had lived through the same when she was desperately trying to gain some weight before her wedding, and it was next to impossible for her. The girl from Queensland, Australia, had a rare form of a disease called cystic fibrosis.


It was something she was born with and was trying to battle during her entire life. Jessica was feeding herself with tons of sugary food. In total, she needed about 4,000 calories a day, and such kind of food was the easiest way for her to get these calories. In addition to all that, the girl used to take lots of pills every day that helped her cope with the disease.

Finally, the day of her wedding came, but it wasn’t looking as bright for her as she would like it to be. Instead, Jessica was worried about her life, as she knew this big event would be the last memory her husband and relatives would have about her.

She kept losing weight, and at the same time, was trying for the wedding to be perfect.

The love of her life, Cameron, was trying to cheer Jessica up all the time and help her prepare a perfect wedding she had been dreaming about. The poor girl thought she would be gone soon, and was trying hard to live the last moments of her life to the fullest.

One day, she was talking to her wedding photographer, who appeared to be married to an anti-sugar expert, Dr. Gary Fettke. She urged Jessica to try to quit eating sugar.

The girl had nothing to lose, so she decided to stick to that kind of lifestyle for a while. And in a short period, her health started to change for the best!

The family couldn’t believe it was happening and it was owing to her no-sugar diet! Here’s what Jessica said about it:

“I was preparing to die, now I’ve got a career and am able to enjoy holidays and trips to the movies. I’m so lucky to be alive, and it’s all thanks to ditching sugar.”

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