Pregnant Mom Works 2 Jobs To Feed Family. Then Her Boss Says He’s Made A Change To Her Paycheck

Self-made millionaire Marcus Lemonis has a popular CNBC TV show called The Profit. Among developed countries, the United States is last regarding paid maternity leave, according to the International Labor Organization (ILO). Tami Forbes works as a store manager at Key West Key Lime Pie Company. She earns only $300 a week to handle all aspects of the business from marketing to inventory.


In 2015, Lemonis met Tami. At the time, Forbes had 8-year-old twins and was expecting her third child. Oh, and Tami also works nights as a bartender. In the video, we see Lemonis tell Tami how important she is and that he needs her help. Then he does something unexpected. He gives her 6 months salary and says when she gets back – well, we won’t give it all away, but he saved the best for last!

Take a look at this video!

If only all bosses were this generous! And this is exactly how you treat people who’re working with you! Share if you agree, people.

Source: CNBC

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