Service Dogs On Seizure Alert: Incredible Molly Saves Her Owner From An Attack!

For people suffering from epilepsy, life can be a scary journey from seizure to seizure. Luckily, there is a wonderful solution, able to make their life much easier.

There are specially trained dogs, called seizure dogs, who are able to respond to these attacks. The law protects the right for this people to be accompanied by these dogs in public places.


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Such pets are real caretakers, serving loyally to their owner as helpers and protectors. Apart from responding to someone who is having a seizure, some dogs appear to know when it is going to occur, and warn the owner! They are also called seizure predicting dogs.

They can be trained to do multiple tasks, like barking to alert other family members if a sick child is in the next room, when a seizure takes place, protecting the vulnerable person in public places, or activating an alarm. Some dogs lie next to their owners to prevent injury or even put themselves between the floor and the sick person, when they are falling.

One of such amazing dogs is Molly, a stunning golden retriever, living with her owner Sam, 20, in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Recently, she shared a video on Love What Matters Facebook page, telling a story of how Molly warned her of an upcoming seizure. She wrote:

“Today, Molly has saved me once again! So Kaylee just happened to be taking video of Chai (the dog I’m training)… and Molly got up from her down stay to come alert me.”

Sam wrote that it’s important for other people not to distract or pet a service dog, because, if they are distracted, they can easily miss the seizure!

“She went straight into response mode. What she did was tell me to sit down, and she forced me on the ground.”

Sam says that this incredible dog usually gives her 30 minutes before the seizure! The girl was able to take her emergency meds, and everything ended well.

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We are genuinely impressed with Molly’s abilities!

Watch the video capturing the moment when Molly helped Sam, and please, share, if you are also stunned by her!

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