These 10 Tips From An Experienced Driver Can Help Reduce A Car’s Fuel Consumption By Up To 20%!

The car is one of the best means of transport ever invented. It provides you privacy, freedom of movement, and sense of control, unlike buses, trains, or planes. However, having your own vehicle can be a costly thing!

We all want to spend less and to have more, especially when it comes to fossil fuels, as there’s a strong environmental concern involved here.


Recently, the YouTube Channel DriveMag posted several useful tips on how to save up to 20% of fuel! Amazing, isn’t it?

But that’s not the end of the story! It turns out you don’t have to invest your money. All you need to do is change your driving habits!

Although it might take some time, think of all the nice things you could afford in just a year after you start reducing your fuel consumption! We believe that it’s worth it.

Please keep in mind that the video was created in Romania, which uses International System of Units, in other words, metric system. This implies that they calculate fuel consumption in liters per kilometer, rather than miles per gallon (US) or per imperial gallon (UK).

The conversion rate is: 1 L/100 km = 235.215 M/gal = 282.481 M/imp gal. But rather than calculate it yourself, you can use an online conversion tool.

If you live in a country other than US or Uk, please keep in mind that unlike liters and meters that are universal and thereby applied in science, miles and gallons can range from state to state.


Source: fabiossa.com

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