This Cop Didn’t Realize He Was On Camera, What He Did For This Girl Is Truly Remarkable

Police officers do more than give speeding or parking tickets. They respond to all sorts of calls. They deal with things most of us can’t even dream about. In Brighton, Colorado, Officer Struck and his fellow officers were called to the scene of a fatal car crash. A family’s SUV was upside down off the side of the road completely destroyed. The father was killed instantly, and several family members were ejected from the vehicle.


Someone handed Officer Struck a scared 2-year-old girl. His fatherly instincts kicked in, and he turned away from the awful scene and started to sing “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” to the frightened toddler. As Struck was singing and pointing in another direction, an onlooking snapped a photo of the precious moment. Below is the emotional video interview with Officer Struck about the crash.

Take a look at this video

Not many of us could respond to life and death situations every day like police officers. Share away, people.

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