This is why the Prince William and Duchess Catherine do not hold hands. It’s all due to Queen Elizabeth

They are probably the world’s most popular couple and their love story can be a successful blockbuster. Kate Middleton and Prince William are expecting their third child and everyone wants to know whether is a boy or another little princess.

Back in 2011, people from all around the world watched the marriage of Kate Middleton and Prince William. The two are obviously in love. However, have you ever noticed that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge never hold hands in public?


Don’t rush to think there are problems in paradise, because is something else. According to a body language expert and founder of communications coaching company Zone2, Robin Kermode, Queen Elizabeth has something to do with that. Kermode explains,

The Queen rarely holds hands with her husband in public, and this seems to have set an unwritten precedent for the other royals.

Other royal etiquette rules include sitting straight with the legs and knees kept together. Crossing at the ankle is fine, just like one of Kate’s favorite pose, called “the duchess slant”. When she is sitting, she keeps her knees and ankles together, slanting her legs to the side, which looks very elegant and makes her legs seem longer.

One of the worst things that can happen to a woman from the royal family is sitting with her legs crossed – this is completely against the etiquette rules! The curtsies usually don’t need to reach the floor, slightly bending knees and bowing the head is enough. But deeper curtsies are considered a sign of respect when meeting the Queen, for example.

It is very clear that William and Kate are so close to each other and they share the same values and feelings and they don’t really have to share with others this intimate gesture.

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